Itzik Badash - Diwani

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"Diwani", The Secret of the Body By Omri Herzog
Itzik's mother and grandmother bathe his naked body with a rough soap; they scrub his flesh and bless him. In one of the photos in the "Diwani" exhibition, the camera focuses on a close-up of their hands kneading and scrubbing the exposed flesh, and on Badash's face, which reflects a mixture of tension and expectation. Badash gazes into the camera in a silent plea, as if asking it to create a story for him that cannot be conveyed in words; Read More

"Diwani", Itzik Badash, Curator: Tal Ben Zvi
"Diwani" is the first solo exhibition of Itzik Badash. In Arabic "Diwan" means both a "collection of songs" and a "salon for entertaining guests", two concepts that together comprise of the public space in which the artist's cultural-religious event takes place. In addition, the word also refers to anthologies of poems, odes and lamentations written by the Jewish poets of Spain. Read More

Dikla (Click Here to Listen)
Music by Dikla, intro theme: Dikla, Adi Raz, Ran Begano Theme "Ya Diwani", Music: Dikla, Harmony: Dikla and Adi Dagan, Text: Dikla, Translation: Anisa Ashkar Players - Ran Begano: Harmonica, Piano and programing, Charly Sabach: guitars, ud, flute, Ely Shem Tov: Violins. Production: Ran Begano, Art: Dikla, Recorded in Ran Begano Studios.

DJ Michel
Arabian Pop Dance Club Orient-House
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